Catalina’s Coccoon…Starting Life From Scratch After 50


Sometimes life doesn’t come out as you had planned it. I thought at 50 I would have my life figured out. I would have a big house, my kids would come with their kids. There would be barbeques in the back yard, or Christmas Story would be playing on the television as we hand out our traditional gifts of Hickory Farms and the newest board game.

Instead everyone went their own way and their lives don’t include you anymore. Husband falls out of love…and back in love, but with a younger model. Kids move away or just decide you don’t fit in their anymore. And that house…things don’t turn out the way you wanted at all.  So at 50, I have to decide, do I work two jobs to afford my place, or rent a room from strangers. If you haven’t guessed I live in California.

Which way is up? So instead of life winding down and being at a point where I am looking towards my retirement, and spending the rest of my golden years with my lifelong companion…traveling…, can’t pass go. Go back to start. Life is not how I want it.

Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up off the floor and dust ourselves off..and with one foot in front of the other, start-up that path. A new path. It is scarier than anyone can imagine but what else is there to do. At 50ish, I have to learn to take care of myself, by myself. by myself and be ok.

Visit my site often, follow me, give advice, take advise…sit down, put up your feet…stay awhile, sometimes when we have someone by our side, things just don’t seem as hard.

So glad you came….

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