Never Change You

Never Change You

This blog was to be the start of me in a sense growing up…going from dependent wife to super hero like Xena Princess Warrior able to fend off creditors and scandalous car repairmen in a single bound. How did that song go…I bring home the bacon…fry it up in a pan..cause I’m a woman!! From little hairy caterpillar to the beginning of the metamorphosis of becoming a beautiful butterfly!

Well my son seen my picture I used to go with my blog. If you are reading my blog you see it, my colorful rainbow outfit and pigtails and he said, “Mom if you want people to take you serious maybe you should change your picture.” You see I am wearing a Halloween costume of a Raver.

What!! People won’t take me in my “Rave” costume serious. I started thinking, should I be dressed like Michelle Obama? I guess even her little girls looked more professional than I did.

As I browsed through my albums I seen pictures of me dressed as a nerd or an Indian. I have pictures of me with kisses all over my face or I’m sporting a pink boa around my neck and I thought.

Through everything I have faced I never stopped being me. Catalina is eccentric, crazy spirited, laughter loving and this blog is about the true me. What you see is what you get.

Part of growing and learning to survive in this big huge world was becoming confident with myself and I did that by approving of myself JUST THE WAY I WAS! What was not to love?

I had always been a people pleaser and it was time to stop that and become a self pleaser. Time to learn to be happy with Catalina.

Bring on the rainbow tutus and plastic cigars, they defined my personality because laughter was part of who I am. It is important to never lose sight of you.

Maybe you were in a relationship so long you forgot who you are or in a relationship and were criticized so much that you felt you could not be yourself. It is time we took back our right to be who we are and love ourselves just the way God made us…cause remember…God don’t make junk!

I may have people that prefer not to spend time with me but it will not be because I am a mean person, have a mean spirit or am a bad person, it is because I don’t fit in the mold of the kind of person most of society feels I should. Haven’t I always wanted to be special? I guess I am. Ha!


  1. lorieb says:

    if you are comfortable with you, then others will be too


    1. You are so right. I’m still working on me blogging is helping me to look at myself because when we ride we let out our souls this is very beneficial thank you for reading

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