So Little Men




So Little Men…So Much Time 

I was thinking…yeah that happens a lot. I look around at my friends, family and women in general and there are sooo many single women out there. I am not alone after all. In fact it seems to be that I have joined the larger population women alone vs women in a relationship.

Why is that? As I ask the question, everyone has the same responses.

  • There isn’t anyone of quality to choose from.
  • No one to choose from at all.
  • All the good ones are taken.
  • Single men are players and don’t want to be tied down.
  • They always turn out to be gay.
  • I wouldn’t even know where to meet them.
  • If they are single, they say…what’s wrong with them, why are they still single?

Funny, hello we are single too.


But let us get back to my inquiry.

Where are all the men?

Why are there so little men to choose from?

Should we be alarmed?

Should we do something about it? Like clone them like they did those sheep in the 90’s?

Do we want a world with more men than we have now?

Wow, I shudder to think what could that mean to mankind. Fine! No deep thinking, move on.


One friend told me that there are 10 women for every man out there!


Could this be true?

Do we have to revert back to the days of the Harems where there is one man and 10 wives? I mean it does happen to this day, maybe that is why it happens.


I heard of one Morman setting where a large family lived, and every wife had her own room and the husband would take turns going to each room each night. I am telling you right now that would not work for me because I would be standing at my door every night saying, “Hey it’s my turn again! Oh hell no you are not staying with her tonight! You better get your butt in my room now!” Catalina doesn’t play nice in the sandbox!

They would be starting a reality show on my house staring me, Morman Mean Girl!

It may be that true happiness lies in not living happily ever after with a man by your side.

What is happening is that women fearing being alone end up with some half-assed cheating, weirdo man because they feel they have to be with someone. Who says so? Being alone doesn’t have to mean loneliness and sadness. There is an African proverb that goes, “It is better to travel alone, than with a bad companion.”

Why travel alone? My female friends make the best company/

Wait! Nothing was resolved! Where are the single men at everyone???


  1. Kandy1dog says:

    I love that African proverb. I thought it was French and I say it all the time. Miuex seul que mal accompagner!


  2. Reblogged this on Starting Life From Scratch After 50 and commented:

    Oldie but goodie


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