Ha Ha Ha Ha The Pain Away!!!

humor side of divorce

Ha Ha Ha Ha the Pain Away!!! 2.7.13

People always ask are you always happy…hmm how to answer. Well, me and my daughter were evicted, my husband asked me for a divorce but I can’t divorce him because my pension is in jeopardy of being garnished, I’m broke, my car is a piece of poop, BUT yeah I’m happy real happy..sometimes I get so happy I feel like I am going to bust! For reals for reals!!!

If I have learned one thing is that you control how you feel…yeah yeah I get sad, mad, jealous what not, CANCEL CANCEL!! When I have cried my heart out till there are no more tears to cry, I dry my eyes…get up and face the world like I am a new person…Voila!! Like magic! Use your tears to cleanse your soul and wash away the pain…don’t use them to run your life.

Learn to laugh, laugh at yourself, laugh at your neighbors, your boss, your friends…just laugh! It is so healthy and it makes you feel good. Rent funny movies, go on Youtube and surf for funny videos. I will make weird faces and shoot them to my friends and sit there and bust up and amuse myself. It is so important that you surround yourself with people that are positive and upbeat and jovial like you would like to be because we are catalyst and we absorb peoples energy…the last thing you want to do is absorb some negative energy. Just have fun! There is no such thing as being too silly, let that inner child come out and play…ALL THE TIME!!
I had to learn to be happy because believe me I wanted to crawl under the blanket and stay there most of the times. I had to act as if…Act as if I was happy…Act as if nothing was bothering me…Act as if I was on top of the world and guess what…slowly slowly it came to be. The happiest people don’t have the best of everything…they just make the best of everything.

I was unhappily married, damn was I going to spend the rest of my life being unhappily single???


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