Was it a Happy Valentines Day?


Was it a Happy Valentines Day?! 2.14.13

Who invented this day…yeah yeah I know there is actually history about this day, some guy wrote some letter blah blah in the old days blah blah. But come on you know some young entrepreneur – go getter – at Hallmark Cards said AHHA ANOTHER DAY TO MAKE THOSE POOR SAPS BUY MORE CARDS…

If you are in an office like I am, it’s a competition, let’s see who gets the biggest arrangement delivered to them. Come on they couldn’t have them waiting at home…why the office…TO SHOW OFF!!! I ought to show them and buy one of those wreaths they have at funerals and send it to myself for Valentines…that’ll show them…Oh this ol’ thing…oh you should see the one he bought me at home..

Well then there’s us…the divided…the alone…the single women. This is the day of depression. NO!!!! We got it all wrong sistah!! Have you looked at the Hallmark section? This day is mostly about couples but dang they now have cards to your mom, your kids, from your cat? Wow! True story I seen it from your cat!! This day is about “LOVE”!!!

My husband, without throwing stones,,,case remember we learned how to forgive…but I need to be real because it’s important to me that I get my point across…but my marriage never ever worked. Sure we exchanged cards, gifts what not but they were mechanical. We are married, it is an obligation. Spend as little money as possible because the real money had to be saved for the the appreciative people.

It became a tradition for me to have lots of Valentines. My mains ones were my two kids. The most important part of this holiday was to find the perfect card for my son to express how much I loved him. The most important part of this holiday was to find the perfect card for my daughter to express how much I loved her. I typed it exactly the same because these two people are the loves of my life. I bought chocolates for my office staff ALWAYS, little cards walking around handing them out singing happy Valentines. I send out mass emails to the friends who have been in my life through thick and thin to wish them Happy Valentines. I call my mother, my sisters, I make sure that the people that I love know on this day of LOVE…know that I love them. It doesn’t have to be about loving a man…OVERATED!!!!! Look around you…you will be amazed at how much love you have to share….SO GO SHARE IT!!!!

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