Be Your Own Best Cheerleader!


Be Your Own Cheerleader

Divorce, breaking up, separating, all this can do something to our self-esteem… don’t you agree?

Yeah…a year ago I was on a downward spiral going deeper and deeper not understanding why I could not find my way out of my pity potty hole.

So I went on the quest for happiness and self-esteem! I raided Barnes and Noble for every book from Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Joel Olstein, The Secret, name it go ahead name it, I bet it is on my book shelf.

Each page highlighted in yellow-green and blue. I read them from back to front and back again. Good books, I am not knocking any of them. In fact, I am here to tell you if you have the time, go out and get them and read them!!! OR. you can come to Catalina and she is going to be your Cliff Note and tell you that all these books kind of have the same message.

Getting back to the books. I refer to these books again because if you are human…not a martian…or whatever this separation is making ya feel a bit like a piece of poop isn’t it? It’s ok to admit it. One second you feel on top of the world, then you feel like crap, what did I do wrong, what could I have done different, why me, why me wah wah WAH!!!! ALRIGHT ALREADY WITH THE WAH WAHS!!

But you know what is happening don’t you, you know why you have shifted to that wah wah phase don’t you? Don’t you? You are putting yourself there! Let me explain.
1. Something bad happens to you. Your man left you.
2. Darn it hurts, makes you feel less than.
3. You keep on saying wah wah, I don’t feel so hot about myself, damn I me damn me, wah wah, negative thought negative thought.
4. You go lower and lower and lower.

Now comes the secret to the books, the Catalina Cliff notes cause she done read all them books fer you and she is gonna tell you the essence of them there books fer you so you don’t have to read all them effin books there!! NEVER PUT YOURSELF DOWN, NEVER SAY ANYTHING NEVER TO YOURSELF! Ok I’m don’t bye. Yes that is it. Think I am lying? If you start telling yourself wonderful stuff even if you don’t believe it guess what…you are going to believe it! For God’s sake give yourself a break! Damnit…yes it’s my blog I can cuss if I want, so Damn it you have been through the wringer enough, you have been in enough pain, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK NOW!!! Be good to yourself and whisper sweet nothings to yourself.

Let me tell you. I had to catch myself at first. Oh yeah be very very observant I would drop something and I would say, damn it (remember I can cuss if I want) I would say damn it I am so stupid…Ah Ha! Bad bad! Big no no. Something simple as that will affect your self-esteem. Listen to what you are saying to yourself. When I am doing nothing and I just repeat over and over and over especially when I am going to sleep. I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.

I am not joking it took me a year and yeah now and then I still have my slips and I will do a wah wah here and there but for the most part I realized that when I self-talk…ITS ALL POSITIVE!

Listen to yourself. Seriously…What are you telling yourself about yourself. Do you put yourself down? (Sad face) I am put that there because I know you do and I don’t even know you. Ok maybe I know you but it is true we are programmed to put ourselves down without even knowing it. You have to learn to learn to love the person you are just the way you are. You are saying, yeah right! I have this I need to change that I need to change…Well guess what until you accept yourself the way you are now and love yourself it is going to be really hard to change anything. You gotta learn to be your own best cheerleader in life!


  1. Pamela Good says:

    I love your blog Cat! Everything you are saying is so true. Gotta be good to yourself.


  2. janineyork says:

    This is so good, i just watched a documentary on health and food called “Hungry for Change” and a doctor said that she had to put a post-it on her mirror that said “I am perfect just the way I am right now.” It was to reprogram the “I have to do this and then I will be okay” message that we all send ourselves. She said it takes 28 days of saying it before it sinks in and you really start believing it. I am trying it today. This was a great post, thanks for it.


  3. Thank you so much for reading my blog! This is a great blog about how it is true that you do need to be your own best cheerleader. Staying positive can do so much for yourself and your self esteem.


  4. Don’t get me wrong…my brain can be my worst enemy and sometimes I have to kick it in the butt. But yeah we have to train it to get those pom poms in the air and cheer us on!!


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