How My Friends Helped Pull Me Through 3.1.13

Got to have your friends…Lets us talk about our friends here. Let me talk about your friends. Let me talk about my friends. Your friends, my friends, the friends out there waiting to be found are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, best friends are a girl’s best friend!! There she goes talking crazy again!

Ahhh! The angels in my life that were there to hear my woes, my wahs, my hollars, my snaps…these were my friends. They were there in my lowest of lows always there to catch me when I fell to dust me off, and help me stand back up ever reminding me how worthy I was, pumping me up.

There was a time when I pushed my friends not only to second priority but way back priority because my man had to be only priority. My schedule couldn’t be bothered with any friend gatherings because it had to be open for my man because he may just pop up with some wonderful idea and want to hang out with me, no such thing happened, I just wanted to be like a piece of gum on his shoe.

Lessoned learned…even if my marriage was a good one, I should have had me time. Time with the girls. Time building friendships with other women.

Today these women that I neglected were the women that have helped me through the rough times and have helped me realize there is so much life, so much to do even if you don’t have a man.

I suggest you form bonds with other women, this may be your existing friends, relatives, while taking classes or through support groups. Whatever way you do it, by golly do it Hell pretend you’re an alcoholic and go to AA meetings, just kidding but there are support groups for women going through breakups I am sure, CODA is for Codependents women…I’m just saying , not saying we are all codependant, hey if I could admit I am. If the gum on the shoe fits…

Like Julia Child’s husband said about her, she was the butter to his bread, my friends (and they know exactly who they are) they were also the butter to my bread. And that is not generic butter, its Land O’ Lakes Grade A real cream butter!

Maybe you are blind to their hand that is reaching out to you, take it, if you don’t want to, take it anyways. There came a point where they could tell ME all my wah wah stories so it was time to have fun and forget about what was dragging me down. One of fondest memories was a summer day we had good food, good conversations, just a bunch of good friends, good music, we took off our shoes in the cool grass and he day was a whirl blur of fun and we danced for hours. I probably lost 10 pound…Well I ate like 15 pounds of food so maybe not.

You heard the statistics right, for every 1 man there are 10 women!!! Can you find happiness if you are one of the chosen to not live on this Earth with a man? They say don’t let a man define your identity, find happiness without a man and so on. I have found so much happiness and so so much fun with my God sisters that are my friends. We cook, we see movies, we have parties we just do things together and in each others company we find joy and isn’t that what life is about? What ever brings you happiness continue to do whether it be a pet, a friend maybe it isn’t a man….

There may come a time when one of your friends will hit something devastating and everyone will come to their rescue. This is friendship. My friends are my God given sisters and I dedicate this blog to them and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for being there for me through every hard ship I had, not just this one, but through the ones I had through my marriage and yet there they were.

You heard the saying “Chicks before Dicks” boy oh boy does that ring true, take care of your girlfriends, cause they will take care of you!


  1. reocochran says:

    I loved your way of putting that you put your friends on the back burner! Using the words that you would prefer to be the gum on your ex’s shoe and you kept your schedule open for him. So funny
    but rings a bell with me! Friends are the diamonds! Great post!


  2. YOU are indeed stronger than you realize………………..


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