I just came out of a really bad relationship. Wow really bad. I knew I was not going to go commit into any relationships but I did want to date. The question I was running into in my head was a really big issue…trusting a man. Ya see in my head I felt if given the opportunity any man would cheat if given the opportunity if they knew they would never be found out…they would cheat. Sorry dudes out there, that is my thinking. It all goes back to Psychology 101 the gatherers and the hunters (some know what I am talking about) it is ingrained in their psyche, they can’t help it. So am I to accept every man is going to cheat on me and just be blind to it, wow that is really sad! I mean really it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, look at Hale Berry, her man cheated on her. What were my chances????

Was I going to think every man I was dating was seeing me as only a flavor of the week? Here’s a concept, don’t give him any of your goods, is he still sticking around? If he is there, well that is a bit closer to knowing he may like you for you.

Because even though we try, once our hearts have been betrayed, it feels like it will never be the same. Trust someone again, yeah right and give them the chance to do the same thing? I will never ever let anyone play a fool out of me again. Stupid once, not twice. Sound familiar. >

Nobody is rushing anyone, this is future talk ok. Do take the time. But remember, never ever give up on love. It is out there. When you fall, you dust yourself off and you go another direction and you try again. Love is beautiful. We do not want to be those “No bra wearing Men Hating Bitter Women Liberist “ do we? Give it some time to heal and get back on your bicycle and go down another path. We cannot give up on it. Listen I am going to go out on a limb and go looking for maybe not marriage but someone that I really like and if it happens to turn into love, then that is my gift. I am not going out expecting it, would I like it, hell yeah I would like someone to fall in love with me, what woman doesn’t want that precious feeling. So I am not going to kick every man in the teeth that asks me out because I don’t trust him. Innocent till proven guilty…No? I’ll give him the rope, if he chooses to hang himself, well then that’s on him. I am a romantic and no I am not going to go out there acting like Inspector Sleuth checking up on him, now if he plain gives me a real good reason to that is telling me something is not right. Well then he is getting the Catalina FBI Investigative Maneuvers on his butt because THEN Catalina is not a fool. But till then, I am trusting 100%. I am not doing no crazy making on myself.

Yeah my heart was shattered, my trusting heart was betrayed and you would think it is like a mirror never to be fixed again, but I am picking up the pieces. As Jeaneade de La Fontaine quoted, “Sadness flies away with time.” Come on time, take this sadness away because this heart wants to be a loving and trusting heart again!!!


  1. janineyork says:

    You go girl! I am right behind you. I know that love is what makes life beautiful, and I will try to find that feeling again too in time. Mine is still too fresh, but I am already starting to heal and find my soul’s trusting nature again. I cannot wait to laugh and love with you again as I follow your journey! Peace and love, Janine


  2. Ha I could sure relate to this


  3. Took the words right out of my mouth.


  4. claire says:

    You’re waaaay ahead on this one!
    I’ve (though two ended marriages) found love always comes along with the possibility of pain, it’s a package deal, because to love or be loved you have to uncover your vulnerability. It’s good to learn wisdom but a life closed to love is empty.


    1. Love ur comment. But u are very right, I will lover again with the understanding I will either find love or at least wisdom to take to my next encounter…thanks lovie!!!

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