4 thoughts on “WHEN HE MOVES ON”

  1. Hey, I wrote a post about kharma! So cool that you used that word, too! I think I also said kismet and in the end, spelled it karma because my stupid spellcheck would not accept the spelling! Very good writing!


  2. I’m at the point right now where I’m going to have to swallow the pain and watch the person I am so madly in love with move on with another woman….Loved your post though. This sucks 😦


    1. My God dear, it is torture isn’t it. I chose to make it the sword that ended it! He chose her I told myself not me. It so killed me so so bad, why her and why not me. Why why why I could drive myself crazy do the why why whys. Instead I lit my candle and laid everything in me to learn to accept it as the end because I had to learn to accept it cause I couldn’t lay down and die anymore because that is exactly what I was doing. I am so sorry for your pain, please know it gets weaker as you get stronger. Much love and patience and most of all strength!


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