Jealousy or Ugly Art? 3.1.13

My daughter brings in this wall size portrait of a mermaid, did I mention it is as big as a wall, and it is the color of mint and pepto bismo and sponge bob square pants but it’s as big as the whole wall and it is for our living room. See, ok real real fast. My husband’s mother had kicked me and my daughter to the curb (had us evicted) and my daughter and I got a place together and now she is bringing in this really big painting to put in our living room. (My daughter forgave him). See I think my husband should have stood up for his family…he didn’t.

The dilemma…my thoughts….the man that allowed us to be “kicked to the curb” is her father…and they get along really good now…and he spent a lot of money for this for her and she is like drinking this attention up I am thinking and so now we have this picture and she is looking at me all excited cause it is going to go on my wall.

Do I hate it because it came from that man? Or is it a really ugly picture. Am I jealous of the bond that they seem to be getting lately? Shouldn’t she be still really mad at him and telling him shove this painting where the sun don’t shine? No instead she is treasuring it like it is the Mona Lisa and wanting to put this monstrosity in my living room for everyone to see!

I go to my son, he is an innocent bystander, he thinks it is ugly. Yes I am vindicated! Or am I. My son is so sweet, he always is thinking of my feelings and making me feel better. I am leaving it to all of you. Is it an ugly painting or not?????

Ahhhh! Shouldn’t I be just happy that she has her father and let bygones be bygones…ahhhh!

Hmmm. As I look at it from a new day, a day past the day that I was the incredible hulk mad. The day before I was walking and allowing myself to vent my frustrations. I am beginning to see it in a new light. Maybe it is a little pretty. hmm maybe.


  1. janeykate says:

    It’s ugly art ! Really, it is! You were right, and vindicated 🙂
    Love Jane x


    1. Really???? Oh Thank you Lord….so it was my guilt starting to see it as pretty? Out of the House!! Hahahaahahahaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
      Thank you chickee much appreciated!!!!


  2. reocochran says:

    I would not know how to decorate around it! It belongs in a young girls’ room, maybe. Although, boobs are not always for kids.


    1. Ha ha funny, yeah maybe in a boys room. The boys would love the boobs.


  3. It is a monstrosity. No jealousy that I can see. It assaults the senses and is tasteless.


  4. blogventer says:

    It’s ugly. Period. Question: who pays for the place you live in? You? Then you get to decide the decor. If your daughter pays for the place, too, then I think you both have to find compromise. (Maybe in her bedroom?) On the other hand, if your (ex?) husband paid for the thing, and she and he are getting along, then the painting belongs in HIS domicile. If he wants to support her artistic tastes, let him. 😉


  5. Julie says:



    1. Fugglier than fuggly!!!!


  6. Janet Greenwell says:

    That is not art. It is something that a teenage boy would have in his room. Ugly as hell!


    1. Thank you thank you…a perverted boy huh….doing unGodly things too…ha ha!!!


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