6 thoughts on “WILL I ALWAYS HATE MY EX????”

  1. One thing I’v discovered about an ex. You can absolutely count on them for one thing. Every time you have contact with them, they will absolutely, completely, and without fail remind you exactly why they are your ex….


    1. Oh thank you…I have run out of ideas for blogs and now you just gave me an idea for you. I think I will call it Thank you for reminding me why you are my Ex!!! What a wonderful wonderful person you are!! God always puts people in my life at the right exact time!!!


  2. No Wait I shall call it ” What kind of man I don’t want….and I will list all the qualities of my ex. and it will be about how not to attract jerks. Honeycakes…you are amazing!!! I am a very spiritual person and I really do believe in things happening for a reason and I know you are a little bitty angel sent you to give me another idea because my gates were flooded for 3 months I could not write or type fast enough, the blogs were spilling like water and then the well went dry. It has been 2 days and I can’t produce anything. I sit and stare at my computer…nothing. Now this. Thank you love!!!


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