I try very hard to do the mind over matter thing. I can be quite eccentric and believe having ADHD helps me with this divorce. I bounce to the next damn problem in my life before focusing too much on my first one.

Oh yeah, my “check engine” light went on yesterday, damn, more money to the mechanic!

Hey, I have a date this weekend, hope they like my green toenails, they are Shamrocks, or are they called four leaf clovers.  What the heck are Shamrocks. Are they the same thing?

Note to self, Google Shamrocks, what the hell is a Shamrock?

I talk like I write, like I think, it is all over the place.

Is ADHD a gift? Maybe? Come on, you know you wish you had it, Not! Yeah it is like the Toad ride at Disneyland! All over the place.

Where was I? See what I tell you. Yes, I do get sad. This blog is my intro to my plague with ADHD. It has always affected my schooling, my jobs. Now I am wondering if it has actually helped me when it comes to problems in my life. I don’t want you to think I haven’t suffered, I have with the best of you.
There were days I couldn’t go to work. My broken relationship was affecting my ability to focus and I felt far from being a productive human being.

My ADHD has always been a curse but now I am choosing to see it as a gift because it takes me away from overthinking.

I have a super short attention span. Like when my mind went to, “Oh shit he has a girl friend. oh my God I am devastated! Oh how will I go on!”

Then, “Oh, look at that pretty dress at Ross, and it’s on sale!”

Then back to, “I bet that bitch would look so much better in that dress!”

Oh hey, “I  think I have shoes that would go really good with that dress!”

“Let me go before they run out!” See what I mean???

I accept my unique self and so should you!


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