sneaky kid


This is for moms of school age children. My kids are grown so I do feel for you. Not only are you probably having to raise your kids mostly by your own but you have some other factors that you must beware of. I am sensitive, I really am. Let’s go over them, ok.

See I know this cause I was a kid whose parents went through a divorce and I learned real quick moms and dads have something that gave me a whole lotta leverage, know what that is?


Oh the things I got away with, the things I would get bought for me, the places I would get to go. See kids are real smart. Now this is not to underplay what kids of divorced parents go through. This is a devastating time for everyone.

But there is a fine line and you have to put that radar up. Fine tune it cause those little whipper snappers are gonna try to get you I’m telling you…not all of them…but there are some boogars out there like I was.

If a child wants something you may very well say no and have a strong and rational reason for your child not to be able to have it. Let’s say Billy Bob wants Snoops new CD. You get in line to pay and you read on the song titles…Drop It Like It’s Hot? Doggystyle? Sexual Eruption…What the!!! Oh hell no!!! You change your mind. He rants and raves. Sorry you are not going to have Billy Bob listening to no bring yo fine azz booty shakin azz so I can bleep bleep the bleep bleep out of it by the Snoop Dog….Love ya much Snoop but it just ain’t for my 12 year old!

Well guess what! Week later you come home early and your house is bumping bumping to the tunes and who the tunes be from…yup it’s the dawg…Snoop Dog and yup he shore is rapping so loud! Oh my God the neighbors. You make a mad dive for the volume but not in time to catch , “…then pump your brakes, you hoes Bitch!” Honest it is a song! I actually looked up a Snoop song to make this story interesting and found one of the tamest songs…wowee! Anyways…

Yeah, you may have said no, but guess who he went to and he said yeah and even took him to get it cause he is feeling guilty over leaving his mom. Yup Dad!!!

Children WILL play parents against each other in a heart beat!

This is where the relationship between you and your ex better get right real good real fast…your parenting and your child is depending on it. Children need good stable AND CONSISTENT parenting. Yeah yeah you are hurting and he did this and that to you but hey this kid did not ask to be born a child is a product of his parents…so on the outside do some work on you so you can be the best you so you can be the best parent for your baby or babies! I leave you with a quote by a woman named Jane D. Hull, “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success in life is the positive involvement of the parents.”

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