In the Tarot cards, the five of cups shows a man standing in a black cloak (black representing gloom, sadness) he covers his face with a piece of the material as if crying, hence we call this card crying over spilt milk. He is standing over three tipped over golden cups with their contents spilled out. He is broken hearted and cannot focus on anything except his three spilt cups. The cups represent emotion, love, feelings in the Tarot. Anyways…he is so focused on what he lost that he is oblivious to the two fully erect cups that stand behind him, filled to the rim, his for the taking. Is this you?

Are you standing in life going wah wah over say a butt head man that you can’t have, when you have maybe some beautiful children, or good health, or a good job, or the best friends, or parents who are still alive, or really bitchen hair…come the sky is the limit you tell me cause I am not standing by you I can’t see what you have and you better not be one of those people who sit there with their bottom lip sticking out saying, “I don’t know”. How about God plops your butt in a little village in Somalia with flies swarming around your eyes and water and you have no food, all you have is dirty water with mosquitos in it, then are you gonna remember what good things you have? Yeah that’s what I thought!

If you are one of those whiners that are forgetting what you are to be grateful for, then you need to sit your butt down pen and paper in hand and make you a list and stick that thing on your fridge. You need to make it a daily habit every morning and say a thank you.

Learn to be grateful for what we have, be grateful you found me and you have the enthusiasm to want happiness. Write that list, look at that list very very often. God has given us more than we know and appreciate.

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