9 thoughts on “MOM PLEASE STAY WITH DAD!!!”

  1. Thank you fro taking the time to read and like my blog.
    I am the single parent of three children. One day my eldest daughter came home form a friend’s house and gave me a huge hug saying, “Wow, there are so many families with two parents that are dysfunctional, but we are not a dysfunctional family. I love you Mommy bear”


    1. Wow you are blessed, I find my children too were given to me to compensate for the man I would end up with. For your child to say that shows that you have given them a life that has sheltered and nurtured them from the ugliness that lies out there. Koodles hun, It takes a lot to be a great mom, and you done it.


  2. So true and very well said. My parents divorced when I was an adult. They were miserable, and it was obvious to us kids. As a result I didn’t get to see two people in love as an example of what marriage looks like. I in turn settled for loveless relationships until I figured out that I deserved more. Now I would rather be single than in settle.


  3. Absolutely, I can remember when my mood depended on my partner and his was always bringing me down. I really like that saying, definitely words to live by.
    No not yet, but I am working on that. It has always been my first love. I got some things published in grad school. So now I am trying to fulfill my dreams in the second half of my life. 🙂


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