3 thoughts on “SPYING ON YOUR EX!!!”

  1. I found a naked picture among our shared music cassette tapes and counted condoms. She would actually call him, was a fellow social worker and ask if he could help her bring in a juvenile delinquent and then they would screw. I went to her house with our 6 month old baby in the car seat, unstrapped her, and walked to the door. When she opened the door, I held up the picture and walked into her house, room to room until I found the ivy wallpaper, held the naked pic up and said,
    “So you are the whore who is sleeping with my husband!” Not my finest moment but I did get him out and the divorce papers said, no visitation of our baby for no child support. She grew up just fine without him. She saw him once at age 5 and once at age 25. That is it!


  2. Wow what a piece of work he is. I commend you for your courage with a wonderful pinch of balls! It takes balls to do the things we do but you know what we do it because we have to prove to ourselves we are not crazy like they want us to believe. We know, we have that female intuition in our gut when they are cheating on us, but they will never admit to us. So we go about our sleuthing and even if we walked in and his penis is in his vagina, what is that famous saying, honey its not what it looks like! Ha!! Like I said we are survivors! Kudo’s to you and thank you for visiting me and my crazy life!!!


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