Single Woman’s Bed!

Now where do I sleep! Want to know a secret! I had a sleep number when I was living with my husband. You know those fancy beds where Lyndsey Wagner asks what number are you and talks about how you can fill up your side with just the right amount of air to keep it as firm as you want for a good nights sleep. Yup I had one. Well the day the man I am married to said those magic words, “I want a divorce”. I took an ice pick and popped it! Poooof!!! Take that and that and that!!! I thought I was the Bionic Woman! So the joke was on me. I have been sleeping on the floor for 4 months, 2 of it on a blow up mattress which I swear I have dreams that I am in an ocean floating in the Pacific Ocean on a lifesaver!

So yesterday Catalina made her first big purchase as a single independent woman. SHE BOUGHT A BED! Yeah that’s right! Give me some skin!! Whoop Whoop!
I have not been able to afford it, but I finally got my taxes and I told myself hold on and soon as those taxes come that is the first thing on my list. I am moving up in this world.

This may be a small thing to your average person. But to Catalina, the person who thought she could not even be able to afford a candy bar alone without the help of her husband…this is huge and I am doing this on my own. I had to sleep on the floor and that was ok. I did it people…I survived the storm and tonight will be my first night on a real bed!!!

Published by Catalina Zamora

I am struggling but I am doing it. I started this blog to help myself because I was falling apart and still do sometimes but...hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

16 thoughts on “A SINGLE WOMANS BED!

    1. I was pretending my bed could talk like Barry White saying, come on baby come to bed, and close the door behind you..you know you want to come to me…take off all your clothes…ha ha!!! I’m going to make all your dreams come true!!! That air mattress you been sleeping on for 4 months…he is just a boy…you need a real man like me, I’m a real bed, come to papa!! Ha Ha!!! Thank you all I am enjoying my bed!!!


  1. Hey Catalina, you are a champion, enjoy your new purchase!!!! I sleep on a fold up bed (the kind that usually go under my son’s bed for when friends come over)… and I LOVE it!!!! I did not have a bedroom for 3 years, now I have one, and that single bed just fits in, yey!!!!!


    1. Tell you what why don’t I send you my address and you could send me your paycheck and I promise to pay all your bills and then I will pay mine with what is left…lol. Oh God I am horrible with money but I am trying!!!


  2. Watch the video…I’m wide awake from Katy Perry….that is me. I have awaken…lessen learned. He was my lessen and I have learned it well. My pain was the test and I got an A+…I have my doctorate now!!


  3. Yay Dr. in the house! Sweet dreams for you after surviving the nightmare! Love that you have a nice new bed for yourself. I love mine, I can stretch out, pamper myself and spray my lavender on my pillows and just be comfy. It is my space.


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