251350_4468369234894_1357005607_n[1]San Diego Trip 001


I have discovered it doesn’t matter what you look like, a man will cheat on you or will leave you. I wanted to share my pictures of what I looked like in my marriage when I was depressed. This was what my life was destined to be like. Loving a man that could not love me back was what life was all about, it is no wonder that I shoved everything I could in to my face and found solace in food. And the second picture is me now. I am happy now.

12 thoughts on “THAT WAS ME…THIS IS ME NOW!!!

  1. I think you look 110% happier! It is nice to put a picture on the post, like they say, “A picture says a 1000 words!” You are very pretty and I like that saucy look! His loss is your gain in spirit.


  2. thirdworldliberator says:

    Wow. You look much younger than you claim to be. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something wonderful when you decide to. And I don’t think you should settle for anything less than that.


    • AWE!! Let me send you a virtual kiss!!! You are too sweet! It is funny because when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and became confident in what God gave me…ME!….my options became numerous…it’s all about mind over matter….I was dying and now I am alive….thank you, you made my day!


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