6 thoughts on “IT’S OK HE DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE!!!”

  1. It’s like you are in my mind woman! It’s called sabotage! I have done it time and time again. Never satisfied with what I have, but when it’s gone I am mad and when I do find what I want then the thing I didn’t want, wants me back; so I dump the good thing and go back to the bad thing!!! Horrible cycle! Get it out girl!!! You aren’t alone! 🙂


  2. Yeah I am not going to let this man have power over my feelings anymore. I mean yeah I guess it is natural for me to hurt, but at least I have control if I lay down and die or get up and live and I choose to live. I am seeing a pretty cool dude, I have a kick ass job, I have the best kids, the most spectacular friends…shall I go on. What is not to love about my life. He was holding me back. Time to love life now!!!


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