Something happened to me today and I didn’t know how to take it. I was very flattered when she asked if she could do a portal to lead her people to my article. The link was attached to her Facebook. HER PICTURE HAD MY PICTURE OF WHEN I WAS A LITTLE WHALE! And do you know what the name of their page was…come on do you know???? Women who think too much!!! Ha! And there is a picture of me a fat little porky pig right under that phrase!!

I guess what bothered me about the picture was that it was a reminder of how very very sad I was back then, my soul was broken. My life was miserable. I was unloved. Oh My God it was hard just to go on and it was hard to see myself and be reminded at how hard life was for me emotionally again. I didn’t want to be reminded! And I looked like a fat tamale! Damn I looked like a meat ball!!

Holy moly I about lost my mind! So I asked this reader, what is this about? Well turns out they really liked my blog. If I would have calmed down a little I would have seen that right above my picture was a phrase that said, “Good Blogging”. Oh…ok. This was actually a compliment. She was linking her peeps to my blog, not mocking me that I was a little porky pig that thought too much. I sent her a message, “Ha! I guess I was thinking too much.”

You heard the saying if the shoe fits, of course you have, who hasn’t. I am not going to pretend that I am not codependent so maybe I need to be her poster child for codependents. That is fine with me. I know that it has been part of my healing. Someone that is codependent is going to have such a hard time dealing with divorce and I know that I haven’t even spoken of my codependency. Who wants to admit to that. I have likened myself to a piece of gum on his shoe. I just could not get closer to him and he just could not get far enough from me. Thank you God for taking that obsession away from me. I don’t know when it happened.

So yes I will wear that label, a woman that thinks too much and I will wear it well. I think too much…my mind is like a cafeteria of children who have had too much sugar and there are no adults to supervise them….chitter chatter…talk talk talk…sometimes it has no rhyme or reason…but I will tell you something…there is always something unusual and interesting being said in there…stick around, you’ll see!


  1. Hi I am so sorry, I was gonna write you a note and I got distracted. You are beautiful in both pictures. I will take it off if you want me too, but yes, it was a compliment, and anyone can do it if they click on the facebook link under your page. We are all inter-connected through posts and pins and twits. It is kinda freaky to see your page posted somewhere that you didn’t place it.
    I love your writing and posted it on FB because I knew it would help my “women who think too much” fans. I just love the way you express your feelings and the way you tackle them head-on. I’d love to welcome you to my women who think too much fan group (not limited to codependence, but it helps)and I am already a fan of your writing. So again, sorry for the shock. I am so used to being proud of being a woman who thinks too much, I never considered how it would hit another woman.


  2. Sampling of my book, “Women who Think Too Much” free on https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/287988


  3. PLEASE LEAVE IT UP!!! I WANT IT UP!!! PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT DOWN!!! YOU ARE THINKING TOO MUCH HA HA!!! I realize I am beautiful anyway!! I was just sad and it is painful to remember how sad I was but I need to remember so that I never go back there again. Please leave it up!!


  4. I’d be glad to leave it up, no worries. My book is an upside down, whacked out, backwards book. I am not serious about learning to become codependent, Just using that POV to make a point of how much “we” take from men we love.


  5. Really! I would love to read it! You sound like I write, exactly like I write. I don’t plan on getting my book out till I become a little more disciplined, but my book will be totally “undisciplined”. I would love to get a copy of you book. Is it an ebook?


  6. Yes, its an e-book for now. Free sample at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/287988.
    Your book will come. I have been holding on to my book, WWTTM, for twenty years. I went through hell working on it this past year because I was actually feeling some of the emotions for the first time ( I am so good at disassociating) and it was so hard to put such an intensely personal book out there. I felt like I was home when I read your writing!
    My next project is a book of poems, “Gracie’s Glimmer” the Poetry of a Woman Who Thinks Too Much. I’ll be putting samples on my blog. Have a great night, love ur writing,
    Jeanne Marie


  7. Julie says:

    You both are so wonderful…


    1. Isn’t she the bees knees Julie, I just love her, omg you should read how she writes!


  8. reocochran says:

    I think that Zamora you are funny, so real, great to read and you do think a lot! You and I are also worriers and old souls, too. But the picture of you when you didn’t like yourself reminds me of when I was a little on the heavier side. I got a wake up call from my doctor, lost 20 lbs. in one year and then 20 more the next due to high cholesterol! It was a mixed up time, menopause, divorce, and losing a house I loved and had painted designs in every room. (Five foot tall sunflowers that were in the laundry room looking at me while I toiled… combed lavender walls with hand painted violets on a creamy ribbon around the room, etc.) I have tried to calm down and think a little less… just relaxing is a nice experience these days! Take care, my new friend!


  9. There are some amazing women out here…Strong amazing women!!!


  10. Hi, did my book get to you in the email I sent you last week? I cut and pasted it into a message. Loved your new post,
    “Woman…you think too much”


  11. Yeah darn email at government office filtered it into my junk mail I found it this morning. I am going through about 40 emails that I found in there. I am soooo blessed to have found you. Your stories are powerful. I just read one that ….I don’t know ….I need to read them….I need to read your book…there are some feelings that I have stuffed into my gut that needs to come out if I want to continue to heal but it hurts so much that I continue to stuff…I think God puts people in your path for a reason…I need to read it at home …can’t cry at work…not professional..lol


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