11 thoughts on “YUP HE HAS ANOTHER WOMAN!!!”

  1. No matter how much of a jerk a man is, it’s always rough when you find out you’re being replaced. Mine waiting a whole 24 hours before inviting his girlfriend to the house, and confirming my suspicions.
    You’re strong woman. The best revenge you can have is to be happy. Trust me. I’m 6 years into sheer bliss and he’s still the same miserable piece of skin he was when I was married to him.
    Life is good. 🙂


    1. Yeah I felt that rage and I knew I had to remind myself it is part of life, I am dating a good man. It is ok he was not good to me. So yeah Life is Good…Thank you for reading!!!


  2. Hey there, absolutely healthy feelings, great reflection and telling yourself the truth, Sounds like to me you are doing great. There will be times when you get that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach but tell yourself the truth. Yes that hurt but I am ok !! Hugs from Kiwi land!!


    1. I shall survive one way or another right? Nobody ever dies from jealousy…well they might but I don’t plan on being one of them. I plan on being a survivor to this thing called pain!


  3. I guess this is a tough situation when you were looking to laugh and say, Just kidding. I don’t really like it when the joke is on me too much! You are a strong and very courageous woman, no tears for you! The laugh is on him! Right: You CAN Live Without Him!!


  4. I feel April Fools jokes should be funny. This one went too far. I am sure your friend is great, but I just feel bad for you to have to go through this all in the name of a made up holiday. Anyways, you handled it and found out what you are made of!!!!


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