I had put a child to sleep
a voiceless tortured child
and very wounded too

I felt I was doing a good thing
I had put this child to sleep
to put her mind at ease

This child had been put
Through so much
Pain too much to bear

I didn’t cradle this child
I didn’t hold this child
I just let this child fall to sleep

No blankie to hold
No teddy to hug
The child was on her own

Like a negligent mother
I threw her in a room
And slammed the door shut

Sleep now I’m too busy
I was too busy for her now
I had a life to live now

I’m the child I speak of
The child is my pain I speak of
All tucked away from me

That pain was never cared for
Never nurtured or caressed
Still left and abandoned

Success shows how much
I have healed on the outside
But what about the inside

7 thoughts on “THE PAIN INSIDE

  1. i wanted you to see this si i copied it here as well. i was deeply touched by your comments you left me.So, here it is,,,

    Awe sweetie. Tears. Please feel free to e mail me anytime. I am thrilled you found me. Honored to soothe your soul. Your comments are so touching. Please visit often. i will talk/write with you and listen, and share experiences,ideas,and fantasies anytime as i purely write from my heart. Don’t give up on yourself, or him. x


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