Yesterday I posted a blog called “Yup He Has Another Woman”. Yup I found out yesterday cause one my friends told me that her ex-boyfriend (which is his friend) told her. Confusing I know. Well my good peeps…CHECK YOUR CALENDAR!!! YESTERDAY WAS APRIL FOOLS DAY!! Oye Vay!! She got me! Now mind you April Fool’s day is “my day”. I planted empty boxes of pastries throughout the office saying Happy Secretary’s Day…Enjoy!…Taped faked messages on everyone’s computer on to report to unsuspecting coworkers desks, planted pig face pictures in everyone’s printers so when they printed a document they had a pig face on their doc. So when I was told this, then found out it was a joke…after I went through all the emotions…went through the acceptance…wrote a blog…well honey the joke was on me…she got me alright! Oh, not to mention I left a long emotional text on my ex’s phone sounding like Adele, wishing him much happiness, found out from his friend who told my friend that he had a new girlfriend, it was bound to happen, life goes on and all that hogwash. Oh I was had and made a fool of. Not to mention my ex was ready to rip his friends head off. Yup my friend got me and got me good, but hey I deserved it… I had been pulling pranks all day and thought I was indispensable!

SO! Should I be mad! It sure caused a whirlwind of a day didn’t it? Absolutely not. For one thing this is my girl and let me tell you we go way back. Nobody, but nobody can get me at my game of Aprils Fools but this chick, she can get me at anything. This is my main girl!!! We go back to our teenage years and let me tell you if there is someone that I have been through the wringer…through thick and thin…it has been with this chick. If there has been a girl that has stood by my side through my stormiest of storms it has been this girl. It actually taught me a valuable lesson yesterday.

I am more prepared than I thought I was. When the time comes when it is confirmed that my ex has a new chickee that he is claiming to be his new ol’ lady, I am going to be A-OK. I expected that I was going to be a crumbling fool. I went through those stages:

1. Sad
2. Mad
3. Acceptance

I was fine within hours. Wow. My friend showed me that I am going to be able to weather the storm in a mature responsible way. I am not going to jump in my car and go throw eggs at his house or stab an ice pick in his tires, I am not going to call in work cause I need to stay in bed and open a box of wine and drink my sorrows away. I went to work and laughed the day away pulling pranks all day as if it were another day. Wow. Thank you Sonja. I needed to know this. I am healing far beyond what I thought was possible!


  1. janineyork says:

    You sound like my sister, always playing the pranks. I am glad you had fun anyway, and at least you learned your strength and gauged your healing. Go you!!!


  2. The Mom says:

    Sonja is awesome. And so are you. Love the way you filed this away.


  3. Awesome and inspiring… Love your writing. Woman…I Think Too Much


  4. Yeah we are like two kids!


  5. wisdom0612 says:

    Lucky it was a joke, but holy crap I know the feeling. My ex has a new girlfriend. She is 13 years his junior with no kids. He introduced her to our kids after 3 weeks of dating. At first – shock, but now sadness and I for some strange reason miss him.


    1. Oh honey, bless you, that pain is a boogar. I myself had to go through that pain so many times that this time was like a rubberband snap. It snapped me and then went away. I have went through it so many times that I have been desensitized to it or my feelings for him have changed. I miss him as a sister would miss a brother. I miss conversations like how is he doing, cause I want him to be doing well. And I pray for you to get there too. I promise you get there. It is harder because he has a young whatever you want to call her, yuck…that really sucks that you have to go through that, wow that must be tough. Wow and to have your children meet her. Honey my heart goes out to you. Us women go through so much, your heart must be breaking, just keep busy, try try try to work on acceptance, wow what a horrible word to fathom huh. I will keep you in my prayers huh, cause you are really a trooper cause like that quote says, we never know how strong we are till we really have to prove it. YOu will be ok


      1. wisdom0612 says:

        Thank you for your kind words


  6. Friends like that get us through the worst of days…by making us laugh at ourselves…bitches…lol


  7. Funny. Now you can honestly tell a friend in similar circumstances (but real!) that you “know how she feels”!.


    1. Exactly!!! Thank you!!!


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