1. You sound like my sister, always playing the pranks. I am glad you had fun anyway, and at least you learned your strength and gauged your healing. Go you!!!


  2. Lucky it was a joke, but holy crap I know the feeling. My ex has a new girlfriend. She is 13 years his junior with no kids. He introduced her to our kids after 3 weeks of dating. At first – shock, but now sadness and I for some strange reason miss him.


    1. Oh honey, bless you, that pain is a boogar. I myself had to go through that pain so many times that this time was like a rubberband snap. It snapped me and then went away. I have went through it so many times that I have been desensitized to it or my feelings for him have changed. I miss him as a sister would miss a brother. I miss conversations like how is he doing, cause I want him to be doing well. And I pray for you to get there too. I promise you get there. It is harder because he has a young whatever you want to call her, yuck…that really sucks that you have to go through that, wow that must be tough. Wow and to have your children meet her. Honey my heart goes out to you. Us women go through so much, your heart must be breaking, just keep busy, try try try to work on acceptance, wow what a horrible word to fathom huh. I will keep you in my prayers huh, cause you are really a trooper cause like that quote says, we never know how strong we are till we really have to prove it. YOu will be ok


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