Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary to me! Wow, just think we made it to 28 years of wedded bliss….NOT!!

6 months ago my husband asked me for a divorce and since we were living under his mother’s roof, I was asked to leave the premises or I would be legally evicted. I was going to wait it out and make them legally evict me, go to court, ha ha…make it get ugly. They don’t know who they are messing with. Ha ha, I was going to make their life a living hell! But what happened is I was getting bitter, ugly, having bad thoughts, and becoming a miserable person. For MY sanity, I had to get out of that house fast. I left most of my wordly possessions and lost most of my dreams and left.

Now today is my anniversary, gee do you think I will get a big bouquet of roses delivered to me at work??? HA ha!! Maybe a box of chocolates with cyanide!! Just kidding, realistically my ex has been very nice. I am sure guilt because of what he did to me has a lot to do with it. But whatever we are friends right now, guarded friends. I don’t go to the local bar with him and have margaritas and shoot the shit with him. I will call him if I need to communicate and call out a cheerful good morning. There is no bitter or sarcastic “Imma gonna kill you!” Indian runs towards him with a tomahawk cause I have rage running through my veins. I have compassion and sisterly love for him for lack of a better word. I don’t want to have sex with him…that is definitely gone. When I see him I don’t have any pulsating throbs in my groins…that’s a good sign, no? And we could carry on a good conversation about pretty much anything EXCEPT whose fault it was about the marriage falling apart. He still says look at what part you had in it. Ha! Maybe I need to because in my eyes, I am innocent, cause I at least wanted to go to counseling and that is like going to the priest, it washes away all my sins!

And it is funny, BECAUSE I HAVE SUCH AN URGE TO CALL HIM AND SAY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY …almost in a joking manner…but I won’t. He is my friend now, not my husband. I will take that. I cannot divorce him because of a messy pension and IRS red tape issue that I cannot get into so the years may add up. Anniversaries may continue to add up. How many, I do not know, wow we may get up to 30 years, I believe that gift is pearls. I am lucky in a sense that my hatred for that man has went away, this is good for me, for my healing. It is very good for my children. It doesn’t mean that he will be hanging at my house watching television, it means that I will not be bad mouthing him to my kids, and that is important to them but because no matter what he is their father. Wow I am growing in leaps in bounds.

So there will be no cards today, no roses waiting for me at home, I will not be making a special steak dinner for him. Better yet, I will have a compassionate understanding for a man that hurt me and this is a gift I gave to myself.


  1. terry says:

    Or you can tell me happy anniversary.
    I love you little big sister




  2. Nicky says:

    So now you focus on putting YOU back together… It takes a while, but is so worth the effort.
    Hope you have a great day.


    1. Thank you been working on it, been succeeding. Alls well over here!!!


  3. Christina says:

    My experience is no one is blameless. Its always good to take a look at yourself and make the changes you need to in yourself. However you can never change someone else. I can really sympathize, Ive had one anniversary since splitting up. I can’t remember if that was one of my I need to really stay in bed and pull the blankets over my head or not. It probably was. But it does look as if you are concentrating on You which is Always Good! Thanks for your support on my page as well. 🙂 Congrats on being a good Mom and a good friend to someone who has hurt you. (insert claps here) 😉 Have a Blessed Day


    1. Very true Christina. I need to sit and reflect on what my part was. right now my mind still is on a defense mechanism, it is still on a denial mode. I want to ask him, because he is real quick to spat out, “you need to look at your part”, so I would like to hear from his mouth…what is my part.


      1. Christina says:

        Yeah but what does it matter what He thinks your part is. And maybe in time when wounds heal up you can calmly have that conversation. But I’ve always had the attitude that it takes two to make a marriage or any relationship to work. Always. And now I’ve added a third to that. God.

        I knew what my part was before I left my marriage. However I think that might be a big difference I was the one who left. If you ever need to
        Chit chat or vent I’m usually around somewhere. 🙂


  4. reocochran says:

    I celebrate myself often! I buy myself cookies, candy, flowers and sometimes like when I was out a couple of weeks ago, I spent money to buy two pink tops, one silky and one cotton. I really wanted Spring and this was a first! New not Goodwill, which is just wonderful. After 7 years of being single, my girlfriend I was shopping with kept telling me she was proud of my not buying grandkids or kids something, but just for me! So, hopefully, one day you can celebrate and get what you want and it may mean a lot more than you think!


    1. That is such a good idea, I would like to buy myself pastries…I love food!! Thank you!!


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