1. You were reminded of the pain that you were put through and how he made you feel. You realized that it was him that was dysfunctional and you were just reacting to his treatment of you and it was perfectly sane to feel the way you felt. It is also natural to want to let him know that you are now being appreciated. I would say be careful though as men are pretty simple creatures usually, and it will probably create a reaction that you may not wish to deal with. In my experience it has triggered the begging back once they realize there is another man. When I am truly done, that is just unwanted and painful. It may feel good for a little while but when they keep it up it can wear you down and bring back the old “fantasy thoughts” that kept you there. I know it is hard to resist, but in my experience I keep the contact to a minimum until I am firm in my decision. Even though I do love the spunk in getting in the jab haha! It does show that you are getting your self esteem back. Good luck with the new guy who treats you the way you deserve. Peace and love, Janine


  2. way to go is what I say. My ex was the same way. At one point he even told me to quit saying that I loved him so much. Sigh. The things we accept from others blows sometimes. How is that Love? For me, Im on a hiatus from relationships, Im looking in one direction and that is up. Ive set my sights on God and if someone comes along then so be it, but in finding Christ, I no longer NEED a man to love me. And I know what a good relationship should look like and what it should be. Just me. Good Luck!

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      1. I’m sorry I don’t mean to make you cry! It’s just my experience. When I think about a relationship I hear ” I have stuff”. And I do I want to go to school and serve my community and serve God. I think I am meant to learn about love and humility before I can serve a husband. There is a lot of healing to do still. Chin up and look up. Seek out God and not men. The rest will fall into place.


    1. You are a beautiful strong woman, you know this right…you have a healing factor that I don’t have…I fix on men. In order to not feel the pain of one, I go to the next and all is well…no pain. I have been through so much of it that I am afraid of it, it takes me to dark places I don’t want to revisit, but this break up is for real this time and I realize that this time I should have let there be a break…I cry because you are beautiful…your strength…your soul…your wisdom…our pain gets us there and that is what is happening by you being alone and being with God alone


      1. Hun let me tell you a secret. This has been a year of healing. I tried pills therapy and yes I’m ashamed to admit it men and sex. Sex was my cure all. Unfortunately It didnt make me feel good afterwards. I know the right man who complements me is out there. God loves you too! And if you let him he will heal you too!!! That’s the grace of God! There is a post in my blog about the proverbs 31 woman. There is a YouTube video called I will wait. When I start feeling lonely or like I want to go jump in bed with a man I listen to it. ( yes I still have those urges a lot and struggle with it) it helps me a lot! I am here if you need to talk. Just vent and get the stuff out. The tears and bad feelings. I know my life was such a roller coaster for about 7 or 8 months after my split from my husband. It is a very long healing process.


      1. Lol. Well, this is more or less a soap opera spin off of a book series. There are trailers for the site and the books on New YouTube Trailers, and ones for each specific book on the links up top.

        Then there’s the reading in the posts, and the links for the book it all stems from. I hope that helped with the navagational part.

        I’m sorry it came off as scary!

        We dropped by during our vampire road trip a while back and are now posting a ‘post card’ that we liked your site and why. Please see our ‘I Wanna Go’ page if to see a little more about what we are doing.




  3. Nothing wrong in being honest! I have done this a few times! It really is okay but now, starting to feel after a few years away from my ex, that it is none of his business how happy I am! I am so happy someone wants to be close to you because you seem very lovable to me, dear!


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