Divorce Support Group…


Divorce Support Groups

I have a confession to make, now everyone grab onto your seats cause this is a big one (the room silences in anticipation).
I am not Super Woman. I KNOW! Believe me I was just as surprised as all of you. So I am taking off my cape and hanging it in my closet and to…oh dear I don’t know if I could say this…I’m doing a…can I say it…d-d-d-d…hold on don’t rush me!
I’m doing a d-d…(tells myself like a band-aid real fast) I’m doing a divorce class! Whew!! I think I need a cigarette, that took a lot out of me.

So yeah, can you believe it? Me the one who has been claiming to have her shit together (sorry people I curse, get the Zest). Man it fought it tooth and nail but my doctor suggested it and I finally gave in.

I told my doctor, “Hey, Doc” (I don’t really call him Doc but it kinda sounds New York and makes it more interesting doesn’t it…back to the story..so I tell him, “Hey, Doc, It’s not like I sit at my window sill lamenting over the sap, I am not hurting over him!”

Well regardless…supposedly…when it comes to stress and life events that are traumatic to us, divorce is up there with death. There may be underlying issues I should be working on. I thought maybe he is onto something because I would rather always work on me then take that pill…then I thought…hey by being in a group listening to other peoples divorce war stories, I could get more ideas for my blog!!!

So I said, “Ok Doc, Where do I sign-up..Woo Hoo!”

But on a serious not, stay tuned, for those who are thinking this may be something you would like to do that could help you if you are having issues, needing support…this does sound like a good idea.


  1. reocochran says:

    I listed you as one of my all time favorite “best moments” of blogging on my Awards post yesterday (Wed.) I hope that you will consider yourself awarded the Best Moment in Time award! I will tell you there is a link to the person who awarded me, so that you know it is true!


  2. You did??? Really? That would mean that someone thinks I’m good at something and now I want to cry..you are a doll and I don’t know what to say…thank you…isn’t it wierd how pain brought out this passion in me. You really really are making me cry…wow


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