My Family Portrait


My Family Portrait Without a Husband

My most prized possession as a single person

I keep this close to me here at my job

It’s a small Christmas portrait of my children and I

They had asked me what did I want this year

I said if I can’t have this give me nothing at all

Oh how the eyes rolled and the lips how they smacked

I needed this for some peculiar reason that I don’t understand

It is a symbol of my new family and it shows that I’m ok

We sit in a triangle, my daughter, son and I

My beautiful children poised beautifully in their Sunday best

Except for the tattered boots that my daughter wore

This is my new family, there is no husband standing next to me

Yet I sport a smile from ear to ear


  1. reocochran says:

    This is a beautiful portrait! I am in awe of it! I am envious! I am so glad that you posted this and also, this was your request and they granted it!


  2. blogventer says:

    Your family is gorgeous! (And, honestly, I had to look at it very closely, b/c at first I was thinking that you had 3 kids, and that you weren’t in the pic. You look so YOUNG!!!)


  3. I like that you thought I had three kids and I love that you said it is a beautiful portrait. Out of all this, I have 2 beautiful children and in spite of,,,they turned out to be the best kids in the world!!!


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