Picking Up the Pieces…

5 thoughts on “Picking Up the Pieces…”

  1. I came to a stark realization this past week as I reflected over my life. It occurred to me that the scars of life are not actually meant to depress up or make us hang our heads in shame and regrets but rather like medals across the breast of a soldier, we should wear them with pride. They shout loudly, ‘I survived that which should/could have destroyed me. Though I have these many scars, I am still here, I still stand.’ ❤

    Btw thanks for stopping by my blog.


    1. Always, I find the women here, as you say, it seems that those medals brought on by pain have also given us a beautiful wisdom. These lessons are bringing us closer to God. It is horrible that we seek him only when we are in pain, at least that was the case in my situation, but come to find out now I have a wonderful relationship when things are going ok, thats when I can give thanks and be grateful…thank you Miss Spark.


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