Validation of a Broken Marriage…

Validation of a Broken Marriage

The words hit me in the pit of my stomach…

You never want to take responsibility for your part

This is my husband speaking about the break-up of our marriage

This rage engulfs me like fire in my soul

My part? How short his memory is, I didn’t ask for this

I didn’t ask for it to be the end

I didn’t ask for us to stop trying

Those words, “I want a divorce” was the blade that ended it all

And those words did not come from me

What is it that I need from him that still doesn’t come

Validation, validation that he put me through hell

I put up with this man through the worst of times

Held onto a marriage that was killing my soul

Thank you for being my wife even after all the hurt I put you through

Thank you for caring for me when I was not caring for you

Thank you for being there even though I wasn’t there for you

I can say what I did wrong in our marriage

But all you can do is walk away


  1. reocochran says:

    Very well written and I think this is true! Your husband owes you those thanks, maybe someday he will realize what he truly lost! But this is also your window of opportunity to fly and go farther without him! I see a cruise or a wonderful trip with a friend… sending you a hug today!


  2. Thank you lovie…I those last few words you just said…went through me and I have to remind myself to breathe…wow…much resentment.


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