There is one fear that keeps woman from moving on…that keeps you stuck if you are unhappy and miserable in a marriage. You know you want to go…or maybe you know you love him but you are so miserable anyways…


There are so many different situations and some may be so complicated like going through courts, dividing assets, or some may be you grab your things and walk out the door.

But it maybe that the person that has to go through the complicated procedure is so fed up she is willing to move mountains and nothing is going to get in her way.

Or it may be that person that only needs to grab her things and just walk out the door finds it so complicated and makes every excuse and creates other excuses to make it seem even grander of a complicated situation.

I was the latter, I had no house to divide, no nothing, yet I thought of every excuse that there is no way I could make it out there. The struggle would be too much. The finances were my biggest worries, I would have to go without cable, internet, no more shopping sprees for new stillettos, eating out with the girlie girls, I was a big spender and I would literally be making it check to check.

Now read what I said that I would have to give up, if someone would have asked me, I promise you peace and happiness or those material things, which do you choose. Wow what a concept.

I also found out the more you have the more you spend…I kinda feel like I am able to budget my money better and it stretches better now that I take care of it. I was buying a lot of stupid stuff and some of those things I thought I would have to give up, I didn’t.

The world isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

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