There is one fear that keeps woman from moving on, that keeps you stuck if you are unhappy and miserable in a marriage. You know you want to go, yeah, maybe you love him.  But are you miserable?

Leaving, let me count the ways..

  1. Get an attorney
  2. File for divorce
  3. Have to figure assets, pensions
  4. Do you have kids, what about custody, support
  5. Figure out who gets the house, division of property
  6. Having that talk to the kids, the friends, the family




I was the latter, I don’t have a house to divide, no nothing, yet I thought of every excuse that there is no way I could make it out there. The struggle would be too much. The finances were my biggest worries. I would have to go without cable, internet, no more shopping sprees for new stilettos, eating out with the girlie girls. I was a big spender and literally made it check to check.

Now read what I said that I would have to give up.  If someone would have asked me to pick one,

1. Peace and happiness or

2. Cable, internet and stilettos, which do you choose? Wow, what a concept.

The more you have the more you spend. I have to admit, I do buy a lot of silly unnecessary items.

That is me ignoring my marriage is dead, or died. The funeral has been over, there is no love on his part. So what gives?


Published by Catalina Zamora

I am struggling but I am doing it. I started this blog to help myself because I was falling apart and still do sometimes but...hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

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