I am well aware of the new thoughts of the nowadays…it is not about finding happiness in a man, don’t look for love until you learn to love yourself…yeah yeah yeah…I know all about that song and dance. I think I wrote that book, or at least read it. Oh and let’s not forget that one that is kinda chilling but we best be ok with, maybe God didn’t put us on this Earth to be with a man, maybe just maybe you will be by yourself and that is ok so learn to fulfill yourself with books and friends and movies and and and…

We are putting all that on the back burner for now ok. We are going to pretend a Magic Lamp washed up my drain and I rubbed and a Magic Genie popped up and said I am the Magic Genie of Love…Tell me what kind of man you would like me to grant you your wish will be granted!…
Like always I always go overboard, but come on ladies, its’ important for you to put what qualities you want in a man out there to the Universe…Think about. Have you thought about what kind of man you would like, I do, all the time. I am a romantic and I do want to be the kind of woman that doesn’t want a man to be happy, ..oh yeah we are leaving all that out…I forgot…Ok we are back to the wish for what kind of man I want…

Pleasant to look at of course, affectionate…I spent almost 30 years with a man that would cringe if I would lay a finger on him unless he wanted to get his rocks off..yuck…I am very affectionate, I am touchy feely, I meet people and I hug, I I want a teddy bear man…romantic, surprise me with little things, doesn’t have to be expensive, thoughtful things that show me you are thinking of me. And then the basics, responsible, respectful, unviolent, good in bed (that is a must, if not there is the door), good sense of humor…very necessary with me, and the quality that is by far the most important of all, someone feels that I am very very important to them…when this dies…that is when the relationship dies.
So Universe…I put my wish list out there!!!

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