I came home last night and went to bed by 5:15 p.m. Why? I know why…So I don’t have to face the night alone…not good. Ok new game plan. I need to revamp myself…this going wah-wah is not good for my rise to fame. I have to do something thing different. I have been doing some reading on what people that live alone should do to be happy or to entertain themselves…

Suggestion #1 Become Social…Visit People..

Ahhh!! I like that! I like people…Heck man what de heck is wrong with Catalina the social butterfly!! Everynight she is going to visit someone…except for Friday cause she has a special trip on Saturdayl…But every night she is going to do a special visit.

Visit #1 Visit to Mama to get Italian Zuccini…Oh the fun we will have!

Mama loves when I come visit! I am sure she will feed me and it will make her heart happy that her oldest daughter is taking the time to visit her.

I can’t let myself go backwards and fall in a slump, just cause my daughter is gone all the time with her boyfriend now…I am feeling it now, so mama Catalina got to find her own entertainment and that is ok..So get to it Catalina!!


  1. reocochran says:

    I nominated you for another award (Best Moment in time and then, newer Most Inspiring Blogger Award! Check out the rules, etc. on my post and the one who nominated mine, too! I enjoy your recent spurt of posts!


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