Here is food for thought…If learning to be alone is so great, cause you know I have been feeling lonely and depressed, being in my apartment alone at night. Everyone says it is good for me..I will get to know myself.. Relish in the solitude, you will get to love the solitude they say, you will learn to love the peace they say, oh yeah???…why do they put prisoners in solitude confinement for punishment and have you seen what they are like when they come out? Dear lord…talking to themselves, seeing things, they literally go crazy. They promise to do anything just not to be put alone again…Hmm


  1. Hello, Catalina. What I’ve learned is solitude is different than loneliness. Solitude is usually something someone has a choice about. The two words “solitary” and “confinement” kind of speak for themselves. The person has no choice.
    We, even if we aren’t with a partner, have a choice in life as to how much social experiences we have and solitude. Solitude, even if not exactly your choice, can be such a rich time for one. You’re never actually alone. You are investing time with and to yourself.

    in terms of reaching out for more socialization in the evenings or weekends, when I was in a similar situation, support groups were a good idea for me (I had to check different ones out), finding a yoga class that really speaks to you can be wonderful, book clubs, a class of some sort (often that can be found for free), exploring different “Meet-up” groups that seem safe, etc.

    Aloneness doesn’t feel good at first – if it hasn’t been our choice. At some point, perhaps, it can, even for moments at a time, a very worthwhile investment.


    1. I signed up with a divorce support group and your right I need to do more with my evenings then just come home and go to sleep, I need to enrich my life…I was doing really good at first…don’t know if it is hitting me finally or what is happening but I need to do something fast because I need to keep going forwards. Thanks for sharing I DO appreciate your wisdom


  2. chocl8drops says:

    I like being alone (sometimes). I can paint my nails, play with my hair, lie on the sofa and fart while watching TV, its nice. That is being with yourself and enjoying your company. You will NOT go mad my dear, I promise


    1. I hope not, I mean I am halfway there already, I hate to think it could get worse!!! Ha Ha!!! Although it could make for interesting writing!!! Thanks for reading and even more for sharing!!!


  3. The Mom says:

    I am jealous of your solitude. But when I was first divorced, and my children spent time with their dad, I couldn’t function in my time alone. So I’ll withhold judgment on your loss of sanity. Hang in!


  4. hotlilmess says:

    Chewing on that food..unsure i want to digest though!!! Bang some pots and pans make some noise for goodness sakes!!! xoxox ~kitten


  5. I remember when my husband and I were apart and the kids were little and all I wanted was solitude so I could go party, it was please take the kids, I want solitude, now I long for my babies to be small…how I took those days for granted…hotlilmess…you go bang on your own pans!! I live in apartments! YOu want to get me evicted…Geez!! lol


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