Goal was to become visit people, meet people, go around people. In other words stop being a wah wah all by myself at home and be social. I could do that…me social butterfly…I can do that. I went to my mother and visited. I had a good time. So good I succeeded in that manner.
The articles I have read also say to start a project. Well I have been reading about a project that Ben Afleck is doing called the $1.50 challenge to combat poverty. Can you live on $1.50 a day to show how people in third world countries have to live every day. Hmmm, interesting, I want to do it. Rules…simple, you can only eat $1.50 a day, you can’t reach in your refridgerator for a bottled water you bought last week and throw it in your lunch box cause it is worth what a dollar and will throw off your budget…IT’S TAP WATER FOR YOU BABY!! But if you have a Brita or filter system, you can use that, you can have anyone buy you a burger…no no not allowed, so don’t go begging for a taco from your Tio Paco! This kept my mind busy, and kept my heart humble. I ate bread and white rice for breakfast and coffee…I made..HA! Starbucks? Definitely not in the budget! I had black beans and white rice and tap water for lunch, and for snack I had a Nissin cup of noodles and an orange. Oh how I wanted to go to the vending machine.
Anyways this was my combatting loneliness today, I came home by 6:10 p.m. and crawled into bed. Was I successful…I think so-so. I probably could have done more, what stayed up and journal, listened to the silence of the walls…I don’t know I had a bad scary sad early morning which I wrote a poem about. But today is Day 2…I will combat poverty again today, and my loneliness. There are starving people and sad people, lonely people…today I will help them all…today I will solve the world’s problems in a single bound.
I think I hear the Beetles song in the background….”look at all those lonely people..”


  1. Kira says:

    WOW!! $1.50 a day…I’m so spoiled! This sounds like a good challenge especially for those of us who live in the good ole US of A. Did you post the poem here on your blog? I will look at your older posts to see if you did! I hope today is a good day for you!


    1. Yes and I want a Snickers bar but that will take most of my budget away!!


      1. Kira says:

        Wow…are Snickers that expensive now? I’m allergic to sugar so I have no clue! 🙂


  2. addercatter says:

    Thank you… this helps me a little. Kat


  3. Julie says:

    It’s so weird, but I have really never been lonely. I have been alone (meaning with and without my kids and/or a boyfriend) since 1990. I seem to cherish my time alone in my house. Of course, I do have a few what I call luxuries, such as cable TV, a computer, a pool (at my complex during summertime), an inexpensive gym pass, and I still have my mom, who tends to need quite a bit of my time, a good working car, and a little money left over after the bills are paid (for which I am truly blessed). I fill my time with watching old movies, reading, cooking a good meal, talking on the phone (to be sure to keep up with old friends), the never-ending list of cleaning out closets, and of course there is always housework. I learned early on that people to not come knocking at your door or calling you on the phone to entertain you. Keeping a schedule of exercising, marketing, banking, cleaning, etc. really helps. Also, like you were saying Cat, you have to be proactive with people and reach out to plan get togethers. I really try to keep in touch with my co-workers and plan outings. I seriously find my days filled, and really value the days that I get to do “nothing”. I know your money is tight, but you are really creative on inventing fun things to do. You have so many friends, don’t hesitate to reach out them.


    1. Oh my!!! I was about to say…wow this lady really does know me!!! ahhh it’s you!!! You are so right!! I need to get off the wah wah wagon, I have so many people that love me and I really do have a full life I just need to get at it!!!


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