No One There To Care….


No One There To Care

I hug my blankie for comfort

It helps me feel safe and secure

As I lay in bed I see my silhouette

The side of my head up against the wall

It reminds me of a small child

Early in the morning yet still dark in the night

I feel that someone should check up on me

I feel small helpless a little scared

Someone should make sure I’m ok

Maybe make sure my feet are tucked in

But no one will be doing that

No one there to care

I’m all alone in this house of mine

I grab my blankie tighter while the tears roll

(I had a real bad early morning…Yuck…when will this get easier!!)


  1. darkdaisies says:

    ugh. SO been there….especially when my son is with his dad. This big house is so empty and lonely. If I were to fall in hit my head it would be days before anyone noticed. No one checks on me. They are used to me withdrawing into my dark hole for days and weeks at at time.

    It will get easier. It has too!! Hang in there!


    1. Thank you….I’m usually not this weak…I call these nights my Edgar Allan Poe nights…reminds me of the Raven…Dark…eerie…lonely…That was last night, or early this morning…eeek…was very sad, but what do I do…ah ha…write it out of my system!!! My misery makes great writing…whatever I try to see it in a positive note…come on strength!!


  2. Kira says:

    You used your pen as sword to get all that “raven…dark…eerie” out of you! That is AWESOME! Your poem was hauntingly poignant. I hate when I have dark mornings like that! I hope that your day gets brighter.


    1. I came to work and there was flowers on my desk for Secretaries Day! My day is brighter already!!


      1. Kira says:

        Awww…now that’s sweet!! I’m so glad…nothing brightens a woman’s day like a surprise of flowers!!


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