12 thoughts on “NIGHTS ARE GETTING BETTER!!!”

    1. I am waking up feeling the same my beautiful addercatter feeling the same, like I say, I may feel blue for a week after this, but I was good last night, I am wearing my duckie jammies and feeling happy…Yeah!!!


    1. Oh Janine, I think I was in a shock for these first 5 months dancing around feeling like a superwoman and then it was what the hell are these wet things coming out of my eyes at night? Why is my lips curling down at the corners, why am I feeling down and anxious, I had bottled up my feelings so much and guess what you can’t run away, it comes at you whether you like it or not and its better to face the feelings then and get them over with then have them knock you down when you least expect them, but I am learning.


    1. I always forget that men read my blogs too! I love it! I forget that men share the same struggles, how dumb am I to feel that it is only women that go through this. Because I feel that the weaker sex is the only one that gets this, that men are stronger that lucky them, they get to not feel. Duh, wake up Catalina. Thank you for reading and waking me up!!


  1. Yeah for that good night! Night time is always hard for me. So, I can relate to your EAP and LLG nights. Some nights I do well and others not so much. I hope you have plenty of more nights like this!


      1. You are right, it is a tough topic for many women. I’m glad that you brought it up! It sounds like you are having a good week…I’m glad to read that!


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