I sit as I watch my daughter of 26 primp up and flash out the door

And she leaves and she leaves and she leaves

How I long for her to stay with me and watch movies

How I long for her to want to stay home and just talk

And do nothing but ask how my day went

How I long for her pace to slow as slow as my pace

Just to keep me company as my day slows just to me and my walls

But she has a life to live that doesn’t include me anymore

And I know it’s a happy good life with a good mate

So instead I will sit and I will watch my happy princess

As she leaves and leaves and leaves

And my heart swells with happiness

Because this is what I wished for

So long ago

4 thoughts on “MY HAPPY PRINCESS

  1. Hmmm…I can relate to those bittersweet feelings. It is hard to watch our babies become women…but it is a beautiful sight! I was smiling while I read this! Thank you for this poem


    • If you could see my Princess!! She is the most beautiful girl in the world!! Her name is Sarah….it means princess…she truly is a princess in my heart…and I wish her all the happiness in the world!!! And I know she is going to have it because I wished for it!!!


      • You are making me smile even more! I feel the same way about my 25 year old daughter! I hope for her to be blessed abundantly and most of all to be cherished and loved the way she deserves 🙂


  2. And when I make you smile, you make me smile, and then I make you smile and so on and so on!!!! Yay!!! We truly are blessed!!! We are on our way to a happy week aren’t we? I like you!!! You make me feel wonderful!!!


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