My quest to combat lonliness continues and I am beating it!! Ha ha!! My activities continue! I am like a child that you want to sleep through the night so you tire them out so you keep them extra active through the day. That’s me! Ask me what I did tonight! Come on ask me! Me and one of my besties went and did Zumba tonight!

Imagine if you will, a hall full of women of all sizes, the lights are dim except for a few neon lights, Latin music booms throughout the hall like a club in some South American Country. How could you feel down when your exercise moves are gyrating your hips down down down in a pumping motion to the rhythm of the music every now and then the instructor lets out a loud cat call. Sweat is pouring down but you can’t stop, nobody can stop because you are subconsciously pushing each other. I look over at my friend and she has a smile and her cheeks are so pink but she is going at it like a trooper, we are both troopers, for a full hour we do some heavy duty Zumba moves that are sure to have burned some heavy duty calories. Talk about feeling good about yourself when you are done.

Now that is what I am talking about! I set out a goal for myself. I am done feeling sorry for myself and sitting home and pouting about the walls closing in on me, it is time that I become proactive and do something about making my life happier and today was a happy night. I am tired out but I wanted to write about my experience tonight. I will shower and go to bed tired now and sleep cozy and not feel lonely, I am ok. Life is Great!! Thank you friend Julie!!!


  1. hotlilmess says:

    Zumba is so satisfying! Not to mention a blast!!! Good.For.You.


    1. Oh yeah work out those thighsss….they need strengthening!!! Ha ha!! Useful for other things!!!


  2. Julie says:

    You should see the smile on my face!!! Love you my friend!


    1. As always my love you bring me up!!!


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