Let’s talk about something a little taboo shall we? Let’s get a little naughty shall we? Shall we pretend we are bad little kids huddled in a fort with our curiosity going a little on the wild side and let the topic go off a little tiny bit sexy…not raunchy…not obscene…just a little warm!

Now I don’t know about anybody else, but lying in the same bed with my husband night after night and my marriage was dead, and there was no intimacy, well it just did something to me as a woman. When my marriage started to die, I started to take care of myself more, taking more time on my make-up, my physique, my clothes became a little more stylish.

Most people do the opposite, when their marriage go south, they start letting themselves go. I felt I had a point to prove to my husband, I wanted to make damn sure he knew I was not going to lay down and die, I wanted to make sure he knew I was going to go on without him and I was going to look damn good as I did it. And yeah, I did the taboo thing, I started dating right away.

This was “my” way to feel good about myself, right-wrong, whatever, if this is was wrong, I don’t want to be right!! Like the song goes.

But anyways…let’s get back to topic. I have taken Belly Dancing before and I am getting back into it. I am serious…I am getting into every kind of activity I can put my greedy little hands on. But one of the things they teach you in Belly Dancing is waking up your Kundalini… which is like a snake in your spine, and your “Inner Goddess”. If you read The Fifty Shades of Grey, whew what a book, but that crazy girl is very in tune with her “Inner Goddess”, now I don’t expect you to wake it up that much, I mean if you want to get into whips and chains, who am I to judge but for me, my good ol’ just sensual self is fine. I find it is very important as part of being a woman to be in tune with this part of yourself.

Many women who have faced rejection because of divorce or separation have lost touch of this and this is the last thing on their mind. Maybe it is too soon, maybe it is something that just needs a little coaxing. Please church people don’t write me hate mail, if you rather stay true to God, I totally respect that, I really really do, but please respect me as I respect you…Ok?

But if you don’t feel uncomfortable, put on something cute, do your hair a little different, try a belly dancing class. Nobody is saying go out and start hitting up Tom, Dick and Harry. I am just saying, maybe your Inner Goddess is ready to start waking up again. Maybe you want to feel like a woman again. Maybe your ex maybe made you feel not so attractive and rejected you and it is time for you to do some things some cutsie things. I am thinking about taking an exotic dancing class, NO NOT CAUSE I WANT TO GET A PART TIME JOB!! A friend suggested it and it sounds fun! I am very comfortable with myself as a woman and my sexuality, my husband did not take that away from me as many woman suffer from and I am blessed with that it didn’t affect me. I celebrate my “Inner Goddess”! Woo Hoo!!


  1. Hello! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!


    1. And I love that you love it!!! Thank you!!!


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