Ok I have to blast someone who was at my divorce support class. This lady was there before and she said the same think she said last time…ok let me give you an example:

I am so unhappy with him!

Why don’t you leave, isn’t this why you are in divorce support?

Why don’t he leave?

You are the one that came for support, why are you here?

Because I am so unhappy in my marriage, I just want out! I am so sick of him, all he does is
ignore me…

After a while she just started to sound like the teacher on Charlie Brown…Wah Wah Wah!!! She went round and round and hears nobody. She won’t leave, she just wants to complain to whoever will listen to her. I wanted to say, somebody shoot me please!!!

And then it hit me, why she bothered me so much… she was me!!! This was me for almost 30 years. I was in an unhappy marriage and all I did was complain and whine about him and what he did wrong, and how unhappy I was but I did nothing about it. I went from friend to friend to complain and sing my woes…I was like a broken vinyl record and don’t you know how sad I am ….wait wait where you going I am not done yet!!! Wait Mistro…play that violin music! I still have another story to complain about my husband! THAT WAS ME!!

Why didn’t anyone slap me? Why didn’t anyone tell me to shut up? Man I have some good friends or they have some good tune out skills cause I swear I said the same ol’ stories over and over!!

But they are done! And I wanted to grab the lady by the shoulders and shake the hell out of her and tell her, “NOBODY WAN’TS TO HEAR YOUR STUPID STORY ANYMORE!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR SHUT UP!!” Hmmm would that helped me??? I wonder? Naw I would have just found new friends to tell my wah wah stories to.

What an eye opening experience it was to see myself today to what I used to sound like…not a pretty sight. A repetitive broken record is what I was. Thank you God my story has a happy ending…finally!

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