Being on the dumpee side…I think it is important to try to make myself look and feel beautiful…let’s look at what we as women can do to always take care of us superficially…yes I said the taboo word…SUPERFICIALLY!!!

They say beauty is skin deep, you are more beautiful on the inside, well right now let’s be superficial and just concentrate on the outside ok? Because, come on girls, who doesn’t like to look good on the outside. You know one time I had a cold, and I fixed myself up, and guess what… MY SYMPTOMS WENT AWAY!! True story. I like to call myself a cha-cha. If you browse my blogs you will see a picture of me posing on a chair… You will see that I am on the vain side, I like to dress up in the minis, with the high heels, and the make-up that would make the Ringling Brothers proud… that’s just the way I am, can’t help it… It is what makes me feel beautiful. I think making yourself feel beautiful is important. I don’t think there would be so many make-over shows if that wasn’t the case.

Taking time to pamper me is important to me.

First of all. My dogs…No not Fido! My cute little feet. They don’t get that way by themselves. I am hoping we all take care of our feet, come one girls, nobody likes nasty feet! Have you ever looked down at a girl with some real nice strappy sandals and half her polish is worn off and her cuticles are jagged and her nails are so long they are dragging over the front of the sandals, now how likely do you think some hot French man is going to say in his hot French voice, “Madame, may I please rub your feet?” and he is sure not going to drink champagne out of your stilettos! Nasty!!! Girl! Clean your toes and manicure your feet regularly! The world says PULEEZE!

Next, your brows and your upper lip. Ok, the days of Brooke Shield are dead and gone. If you need barettes to keep your eyebrows out of your eyes like the Shaggy DA… we have a problem! If you don’t know where your eyebrows end and your eyelashes begin… we have a problem! If your “eyebrow(s)” have become an “eyebrow”, singular… we have a problem!

Then we have what we consider to be “taboo”… the dreaded lady moustache. See if it were the 80’s and you were Tom Selleck, this would not be a problem, but that is not the case. I am not pointing fingers, I am going to stand on a soap box and say, “Hey everyone! I get my lips and eyebrows threaded AND WHUT!! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?” Uh-huh! That’s right! There is no shame to my game!

See the problem is we get up close to the mirror and think only we can see it because we are close to the mirror, trust me people not so close can see it too. If you can see it, take that stuff off! It’s not the 80’s and you are not Tom Selleck!

While you are at it, look around, you got any patches, for God’s sake take that off too. Keeps your legs shaved and soft with lots of lotion…No ashy skin…No lizard looking skin. Keep the pitts nice and smooth, Jungle Jane doesn’t live here…Ok?

Moving right along…How are your locks going??? Let’s talk about something here. Coloring, bleaching and highlighting hair is fine and dandy, WHEN YOU KEEP IT UP! If you are one of those people that bleach cause you want to look like Malibu Barbie but you let your roots grow out like 5 inches long, Aye! Aye! Aye!, no bueno! If you just get too lazy to keep up, then stay with your natural color because honestly, sorry, I don’t sugar coat, but only because I want my girls to be beautiful, grown out roots make you look bad bad bad!. Don’t change your color if you cannot commit to the upkeep. What if your hair is graying? Women are sadly mistaken if they think a nice styled silvered hair woman doesn’t look classier than a woman that is always struggling to keep up with her roots especially when her hair is a dark color. My mother finally embraced her gray hair and has it styled and wow, bravo mom, you look mawvelous. Now there are many women who are really good at the upkeep. Believe me, I will be joining that bandwagon because if I keep pulling out my grays I’m going to look like Curly from the Three Stooges and I don’t know if I can embrace my grayness…

What about weight? WHAT ABOUT WEIGHT! This is a touchy subject to me because yes I have lost 60 pounds but I am not an advocate for if you are not thin you are not beautiful. I struggle and I struggle bad. I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I don’t even need to address this area because beautiful woman come in all sizes!!! But that doesn’t mean we don’t all need to sit around on the couch all day, it is important to take walks at least. Those endorphins in your brains are released when you exercise even just a little and make you feel good. So put on those sneakers and go for a walk even if it is for 15 minutes a day…you will feel mawvelous!!

But most of all I want you to feel beautiful because in your heart of hearts you know you are a beautiful person. Besides taking the cheese from your toes and the whiskers from your face, all that superficial stuff, the most important part is feeling it in your gut and that comes from believing it no matter what baby. We cannot wait for no man to make us feel beautiful or tell us we are beautiful, the hell with what any man says or feels, it is all about how we make ourselves feel! We are the beholder!

As long as we take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves, we can wake up in the morning….no make-up…pillow head…in our jammies…and roll over with a smile on our face and if we have joy in our hearts, that is all the beauty we need!

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