I received a phone all on Mother’s Day. I am not talking about from my children, those calls are expected. In fact for those I sit there staring at my phone and say, “4…3…2…ring!” I have angels for children, I am never forgotten, I am doted on, and I am lavished with gifts and my room smells like Conroy’s Flowers from the beautiful flowers I am given for all occasions. I have no complaints about my gifts from God.

I am sitting at El Torito having brunch with all my family, feasting, laughing just having a wonderful time. There is no pause in activity at our table between my 3-year-old niece who is the biggest ham and cuter than a ladybug singing for us, to a family toast of coffee with Baileys, our table was just buzzing. So I don’t know how I heard the low ring of my phone. I about choked on my Steak Picado when I saw my phone light up and there was my husband’s name on the screen indicating that it was him calling. It didn’t take a genius to know he was calling to wish me a happy Mother’s Day.

I grabbed my phone and ran outside because like I said between my huge family’s continuous chit chat- ha ha ha and Mariachi music playing in the background. I wanted to hear what I already knew what was coming…Yup, he wanted to wish the mother of his children a happy Mother’s Day.

His voice was sweet and pleasant and sincere, I was really taken aback by his this gesture. I thanked him for calling me. We had a very brief conversation about his mother, I guess her Cancer is progressing rapidly and it really doesn’t look good.

But what a concept, I was touched that the man I seen as a monster a few months back called me on Mother’s Day. Now let’s not get confused here, there are no romantic pangs here, no throbbing of hearts here. I was touched that he was a considerate human being and acknowledged the mother of his children. That was a nice touch to my already awesome Mother’s Day.

It has been 7 months since my husband asked me for a divorce and 6 months since we legally separated. In that time my feelings for him have been on a roller coaster. They have went from extreme to extreme. From trying to be his friend for my children’s sake but inside I felt the Incredible Hulk fighting to get out, to Psycho doing a Hairy Carrie and losing all control and wishing not nice things towards him. I have felt sorry for him because maybe he missed having a family to Ha Ha this is what he gets and I hope his pecker would shrivel up and fall off. Evil thoughts huh! But today it was different, I seen him as a human being and I really wished him well and thanked him for calling me and felt good talking to him and hung up and went on with my dinner. What a nice guy for calling me.

Oh man, I guess I will be calling him on Father’s Day! I mean that would be the only decent thing to do, right?


  1. blogventer says:

    “Oh man, I guess I will be calling him on Father’s Day! I mean that would be the only decent thing to do, right?” –> Only if you mean it. Don’t do it if it’s not authentic.


  2. Honestly I will be meaning it. My anger is softening…I think I love him……AS A BROTHER…HA HA!!!!


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