There was a time I could not see the beauty I possessed

There was a time I could not see all I could be

I gave you all the power to control how I felt about me

I was your puppet and you held my strings

But I gave you these strings willingly

You didn’t care for me so I why should I

I allowed you to make me hate who I was

The mirror lied to me and made me ill

I was a prisoner of my own negativity

I dreamt of being anyone except for who I was

God made a mistake I felt when he made me

But now I’ve been awaken from this horrible dream

For now I see what I have never seen before

A beautiful woman and it’s me

No man will ever tell me how to feel again

I have discovered this power has been mine all along

I never have to be anyone’s puppet ever again

Like a butterfly I have transformed into something more

Something my mirror never lies to anymore

They can call me anything from a boar to a troll

It doesn’t matter because I know I am so much more

Thank you God….If I forget, please remind me again…


  1. janineyork says:

    This is so true of so many people in emotionally abusive relationships. They start to believe the words of the abuser and feel helpless to leave because they think they are lucky to have anything, even abusive painful behavior. I am so proud to see that you can finally see the real you in the mirror and that you are worth every happiness that you desire. You have come a long way since getting back your own bed! I am so happy for you. I hope that things are well for you. I have been down for a couple weeks. I am just now feeling better and catching up. You go girl!


    1. I know, I miss you, I miss reading you, I hope you are ok, I miss seeing your beautiful face in that little square.


    2. wonderful Poem, I’ve shared it on my facebook page. Well done. You say everything I felt ! x


  2. blendermom3 says:

    I felt the same way in my abusive marriage….that I was somehow made wrong but isn’t it so freeing when your eyes are finally opened to learn that God doesn’t make mistakes, people do and that God gave you everything you need to be great when He made you! Writing about my experiences has been eye opening as well. Glad you are able to express your feelings in writing as well…so therapeutic!


    1. Thank you for bringing something so imperative and something I need to bring up, because it wasn’t just me that opened up my eyes, IT WAS GOD, putting it down is therapeutic and helps us realize our journey and even though much of it is painful it helps us to remember so that we never slip back. Thank you for your beautiful words.


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