6 thoughts on “MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL….”

  1. Honey, forget that cream! Know that the God and greatness revealing itself to you is enough. Those creams don’t rep the truth you already know the truth. Ditch the cream and reclaim your face, your beauty!


  2. Well I must admit that I use the creams to try and fight the aging process. Try as I might it is beating me haha. However I have realized that happiness is not on the outside of our bodies, it comes from within. It is hard when we find ourselves single at our age to not want to focus on the outside. I truly have come to believe that if I had spent all of that time working on the inside instead of the outside my age spots wouldn’t even bother me. You are on the right track, you just keep working on that beauty within your soul, because you shine girl. 🙂


  3. Learning to love ourselves is a difficult task, because of just what you said – we allow others to influence the way we think. It’s only when we see ourselves as God sees us- invaluable, that we begin to let the words of others roll off of our backs and feel the worth God has for us.


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