I feel this as sort as a testimony. I started this blog as sort as a place where I vented against my ugly monster husband. Yesterday when I saw him, I gave him a sincere hug. I am realizing something miraculous happening in my life people that I cannot understand. I am feeling miracles happening all around me, what I ask for, what I wish for happens but this is when I strive for this goal and keep my positive attitude. As soon as I start doubting myself, poof, I know my dream will no longer come true. I wanted a certain job, poof I got it, I wanted to start writing a blog, I got it, my divorce, my happiness, small things, the larger things, well, I realize that I have to have patience and dream big and work big for those thing.

I was watching Joel Olstein this weekend and he said a lecture and he said whatever you want can be yours if you truly believe and set your mind to it. I will write my book, I am setting it out into the universe right now, and it will be successful. I will have my own house and drive a nice car and be truly independent. My life is a tight rosebud right now but I see it slowly slowy loosening its petals wanting to open, God is my sun that I am pointing towards to help me bloom.

I will bloom in all its glory, I will be glorious!!


  1. Julie says:

    How great Cat……. things are happening fast for you! I am very happy for that! Do you ever get to see Joyce Meyer on TV? She is great. Check her out if you get a chance…..


  2. I will definately google her!!!


  3. janineyork says:

    Oh and Ted talks, they are amazing. Eckhart Tolle, he is amazing too. You go girl! I believe you are walking in the light of the Universe. Shine on and follow your dreams!!!


  4. I wrote down that name I will look him up, thank you


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