Today I looked at something I wrote a bit ago and thought, hmmm, this is a nice quote,

“You attract love if you love yourself, you attract respect if you respect yourself.”

Back to that quote, it inspires me. There was a time that I had no self-respect or self-love and guess what, I accepted garbage. Why not, I was garbage, right? Call me every name in the book, I will beg you not to leave, you can stay out all night, and I will be right there in the morning relieved because you came back to me.

It is a new day, I am nobody’s beyooch, a-hole, or ho now. At the first sign of any of that language coming out of any man’s mouth, they will be talking to the walls.  Got an itch to stay out all night, you better take all your stuff because your “all nighter” is going to be “for the rest of your life” I know what happens if your night needs to be a sleepover. I am nobody’s fool.

I have heard so many women say, why do men always do this to me? No, why do you let men do this to YOU! There is a sign, there is ALWAYS a sign. No call, no show? Loses his temper with you, bad name slips at you? At that first sign of disrespect, that is the end of it. It could only go downhill from there.

I cannot handle yelling. Nobody yell at me, it frightens and intimidates me. When I hear it, I will immediately remove myself from it. It takes two to argue, so if you remove yourself from a yelling person, who are they going to argue with. If I am on the phone and somebody raises their voice, I say don’t yell and I instantly hang up. I will not answer for a while because I know that call right after will still be a yelling call. Thank God for text, I will send a text and say, when you are ready to speak calmly, you may call me back and tell me what is bothering you.

This road I am on is a long one but the lessons never cease to amaze me. Come on bring me a new day, I want to learn more and more!!


  1. Amazing how we forget something we know…


  2. Retarded metalheads. Always holding the moral high grounds but almost at times republicate the behaviours of rednecks


  3. reocochran says:

    Great beginning to end! I love the way you give it straight up and with no twists!


  4. addercatter says:

    Thank you for posting this. I will come back and read it each time I start to forget why I am where I am.


    1. Believe me I post it for myself too. I see myself falling into the same pattern…m-u-s-t s-t-o-p m-y-s-e-l-f!!!


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