The beauty of me is my loving heart

There is nothing stronger about me

My love is so powerful and so pure

I care to the depths of my soul

God gave me such an incredible gift

Just approach me and you will be pulled in

If asked, this is my greatest strength

Should I consider it a double edged sword?

For this strength is also my greatest weakness

A weakness that can cause me great pain

Dare I call it a curse or a gift

Loving too much or is it unconditional love?

I know it isn’t a desperate love

I feel healthy about the strength of my love

The man who ends with this love of mine

Will be the luckiest man alive…

Published by Catalina Zamora

I am struggling but I am doing it. I started this blog to help myself because I was falling apart and still do sometimes but...hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

3 thoughts on “THIS LOVE OF MINE…

  1. Now that’s a woman who knows her worth! It is most definitely a double edged sword worth its depth of pain by its many gifts. Your talent is but one of them.


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