16 thoughts on “CLIMBING FOR LOVE…”

  1. This was wonderful! Create a “base camp” of things you love and people who care for you…this will be something you can return to whenever you need strength. Great adventures await, as does a mountain that restores more than it takes away.


  2. I love this ! Sometimes resting in the beautiful serene valley and smelling the wildflowers and enjoying the view can be refreshing. Sounds blissful to me ! I think, for me, it will make climbing that next mountain all the more enthralling. Thank you for the wonderful analogy!! Hugs.


  3. Oh yay! I fooled you! My legs are bruised and bloody and I cry at the drop of the hat. But if I do realize that I am not just jumping for the first guy just because he thinks I am so sexy he wants me to buy him a drink …. puleeezeeee. I must be putting myself up to a higher standard, it is hard but fake it till you make it.


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