I leave you differently then I left my rest

Without a bad word to say about you

I have too much love left in my heart

I leave saying you were a wonderful soul

Someone I am truly fond of

Someone who had a heart of gold

Someone who would have done anything

For a friend if they need the help

I have nothing ill to say about you

And I wish you true happiness in your life

I regret that I wasn’t THE one

But instead of turning bitter with regret

I send you off with the true love I have for you

And wish you the true happiness you deserve

3 thoughts on “I LEAVE YOU WITH LOVE….

  1. This is so much nicer than I felt the last break up. I wish I had been THE ONE! and I was not too good about the rejection, hurt and expressed anger. I am glad you rose to the occasion and wished him well and love. I wish you love and happiness. If Karma comes around, it should be positive since you did the right thing!


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