It’s ok for your heart to ache sometimes

This is part of the grieving process

Without pain how could we compare joy

So I sit here with this pain and I let it settle

And I don’t think of it as the end of the world

Instead it is just a human feeling that I was given

Let it roll through my body from my stomach to my toes

That achy tightness and sadness that won’t let you go

For a moment I let it exhume me like the wave of the sea

I let the pain take over cleansing my pores letting me free

For when tomorrow comes and the sun shines it’s a new day

And let’s pretend we don’t feel a thing

Let’s pretend that our hearts don’t ache over him at all

We will walk with our heads held high and a spring in our step

And a smile that will brighten up the darkest of skies

Let’s pretend that we don’t care that our hearts break for him

Let’s pretend till we actually feel joy in our hearts

Let’s pretend…. Let’s pretend… Let’s pretend… Oh God…

Published by Catalina Zamora

I am struggling but I am doing it. I started this blog to help myself because I was falling apart and still do sometimes but...hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

4 thoughts on “PRAY MY PAIN AWAY…

  1. So true, we have to suffer to appreciate the beauty in nature, happy times, and wonderful world we live in! I sometimes feel blue, this week particularly but will hope next week gets better. I hope you have a great weekend!


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